Coffee Hour

Kathy Wright

A ministry which encourages fellowship by providing beverages and snacks following each Sunday service.


Lou Lanwermeyer and Susan Morgan

Each Grazer group is made up of six to eight people who meet to share meals and companionship once a month for three or four months.  Then the group memberships switch.  It introduces both new and existing members of the church to one another in a pleasant social environment. 

Parish Life

Mili Arias (food)
Kathy and Kanute Rarey (recreation)

Responsible for planning and coordinating special dinners and events during the year.


Joe Rybicki

Meets the first Saturday of each month for breakfast and fellowship.  Primary mission is to help the elderly and widowed by doing odd jobs.  Also provides manpower for church functions and clean-up days plus Country Fare setup and cleanup.

Office Volunteers

Tawanna Dutton

Provides support to the church office by helping with tasks such as mailings, bulletins, newsletters.

Telephone Committee

Marcia Patterson (GA), Chosh Dacey and Becky Van Gorder (NC)

Telephone calls to parishioners when requested by the church office. This ministry is for members who do not have email.